" Welcome to Steamcream's blog!

" Welcome to Steamcream's blog!  

We are all excited to bring you content about our product and our approach to skincare that you might find interesting and informative.


We also hope to entertain you at times and share our thoughts on issues that we think matter to you.


This is my first blog so I thought I would briefly share with you the inspiration to create Steamcream 9 years ago.


Steamcream began with a desire to give customers a single skin moisturizer that they could trust and use for their whole body and not just for specific areas of the face, body or hands.


To achieve this we knew the product had to have beautiful natural materials, be made with care in small, handmade batches and be effective and safe all at a reasonable price.


We created our recipe using oatmeal,almond oil and cocoa butter with a fragrance of only pure essential oils that are gently steam emulsified to give a light, fast absorbing cream.


We also wanted excitement and fun in the packaging.


From the very first can, we made Steamcream available only in limited edition designed aluminum cans that customers could choose from and gift to friends


There have been over 5 million cans sold to date and 500+ designs- many of our customers keep and collect our cans which we are proud of- not many products today come with packaging that you would choose to keep even after the product has been used!


Thank you for the taking the time to visit us. 


We will be regularly adding more content that we hope you will find relevant, interesting or useful so please come back often.


Andrew Tone